It’s Time for the
Portland Mercur
ys VEG Week!

Get ready, Portland: The Portland Mercury's Veg Week is coming! 


This fall, from October 9-14, your pals at the Mercury are teaming up with Portland VegFest to present Veg Week—an entire week when some of Portland's greatest vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants will provide signature vegan entrees... at HALF-PRICE! 


Portland's already one of the best cities to live in (and eat in!) for those who enjoy the ethical, physical, and environmental benefits of a healthy diet—and, for one week, it's about to get EVEN BETTER. That goes for vegetarians and vegans, sure—but also for everybody who wants to check out some of the best and most inventive dishes Portland restaurants have to offer!


Veg Week is brought to you in part by Wildwood Farm Sanctuary

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